Perfect Themed Foods For Your Valentine's Day Catered Event

Posted by Chef Dan on January 21, 2015 at 5:00 PM

We think Valentine's Day is an underrated holiday. Some may think only couples can have fun on February 14th, but Valentine’s Day can be a fun holiday for everyone! Throwing a Valentine's Day themed event for your co-workers or group of friends doesn't have to be complicated. If you're wondering what types of food to serve, don't worry – we've put together a few suggestions that are sure to make your guests swoon.

Fresh StrawberriesValentines_Day_Catered_Event.jpg

Delicious and nutritious! Fresh strawberries are exactly what Dr. Love ordered when it comes to a Valentine's Day themed catered event. Can you think of a more perfect food for the day of love? Strawberries are red, heart-shaped, and can be drizzled in chocolate (everything's better with chocolate!) Better yet, a fresh fruit sampler will make sure all your guests are satisfied with your event’s fruit selection.

Pasta Bar

Who doesn't love pasta? Often synonymous with candlelight dinners and romantic evenings, you and your guests will drool over the never-ending options of our pasta bar. Interact directly with our chef to create your very own valentine-themed pasta dish. With each carefully-crafted course, your guests will be feeling the love – after all, it's the most important ingredient!


We think rich, decadent cheesecake is possibly the most romantic dessert ever created. Picture this – the most delicious looking cheesecake you’ve ever seen, drizzled with chocolate and topped with fresh strawberries. It's the perfect way to end your Valentine’s Day catered event! How can your guests resist?

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