The Cutting Edge Catering Process [Infographic]

Posted by Chef Dan on August 22, 2016 at 2:00 PM

During a catered event, great food and great service do not happen by accident. In order to be consistently successful, there’s some upfront effort required – both from the caterer and the client. We’ve catered hundreds of events in the St. Cloud and surrounding areas, and we’ve learned many things along the way.

Over the years, we’ve developed and refined a process that provides a great catering experience and helps our clients stay at ease. The following infographic details our seven step process, and I’ve included additional details for each step below.  


Cutting Edge Catering Process Infographic


Step 1: Contact Us

The best, and easiest, way to get your catering process started is by visiting our website and filling out a catering request. While only name, email, and event type are required, there’s additional areas where you can let us know the date of your event and fill in any extra details you want us to know.

Step 2: Let’s Talk

After receiving your request, I’ll reach out to you via email, or phone if you left your number, so we can set up a time to talk. That first conversation is all about getting to know you and your event, as well as determining if Cutting Edge Catering can provide the services you’re looking for. We’ll discuss your vision for the event as well as potential menu options.

Step 3: Menu Planning

During this stage, we’ll discuss the who, what, and how of your catered event. We’ll determine which foods will be served, how they will be served, and how many guests will be served. After this meeting, I'll create and send you an initial invoice that details everything we talked about, including a very specific breakdown of services and financial details. This way there’s no room for gray area or misunderstanding.

Step 4: Down Payment

Upon receiving your down payment, Cutting Edge Catering officially becomes your event caterer. The amount you pay for your down payment is subtracted from your final invoice.

Step 5: Venue Walkthrough

I consider the venue walkthrough to be one of those extra steps that makes a big difference come the day of your event. During the walkthrough, the client and myself go the the venue and discuss some of the final planning pieces. It’s a time where we make sure we’re on the same page about how the catering will take place. We’ll discuss table setup, access to water and electricity, where to park, and any other final details concerning the event.

Step 6: Pre-Event Check-In

About one week before the event, I’ll collect your final attendance numbers, and we’ll discuss any final details. After this check-in, I’ll send a final invoice detailing your payment requirement. Full payment can be made anytime between final invoicing and your event service.

Step 7: Day of Event

Your event is the time to reap the benefits of any upfront effort. Because we’ve already discussed and communicated all the details, now is the time for you to enjoy the event. Have fun! After service and cleanup, we’ll have a quick, informal goodbye.


Choosing Cutting Edge Catering as Your St. Cloud Caterer

And that’s what you can expect from your catering experience with Cutting Edge Catering. When you choose us as your St. Cloud caterer, you’re not just choosing great food and great service, you’re also choosing a thorough, smooth process where you can feel at ease up until and during your event.

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