Hassle-Free Birthday Catering Ideas

Posted by Chef Dan on December 21, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Your birthday is the one day of the year solely dedicated to you. Depending on what number birthday it is, you may decide to have a small, intimate celebration or a big birthday bash. If it’s one of those odd birthdays, such as your 34th, you might decide that a small dinner with your immediate family is as big of a celebration as you want. But what do you do when the big, milestone birthdays roll around – 16th, 50th, 70th? We believe that certain birthdays deserve a little more attention. Below you will find some birthday ideas that will help put your or your loved one’s celebration over the top. 

The Party Basics

There are many different birthday ideas you can put in place depending on the age of the one you’re celebrating. If you are throwing a big Sweet 16 celebration for your child and their friends, you’ll want to serve food that a teenager will enjoy – burgers, pizza, sandwiches, etc. If, on the other hand, you’re throwing a 70th birthday celebration for your mother, you’ll want to serve a more sophisticated spread that older generations are sure to enjoy. Another factor you will want to consider is if you would like a fun and silly celebration or a more formal affair. Make sure the type of celebration you plan is one that the guest of honor will enjoy.

Location, Location, LocationBirthday_Bash.jpg

One of the biggest decisions you will make regarding your party is where the celebration will be held. If you are planning a smaller celebration between 10-15 people, you may be able to hold the party at your house. On the other hand, if you are throwing a large party, the choice of where to have it is a bit more difficult. If you would like to still hold the party at your house, you could always set up a tent in your back yard. Other options include holding it at an event center, a side room at a restaurant, or out at somebody’s lake cabin. Make sure that wherever you hold your party, your guests will be comfortable and it will be easy for everyone to talk with the birthday boy or girl.

Another aspect of the location that you will need to take into consideration is the age of the person you’re celebrating. A 13 year old may love a party at the lake, while a 50 year old may like to have their party at a nice restaurant. You can always ask the person where they would like their party held; otherwise if it is a surprise, ask others who know the guest of honor where they think the best location would be.

What to Serve 

Next to the location, what you serve for the meal is one of the biggest decisions you will make. By working with a caterer, you relieve yourself of all the stress that goes along with preparing a meal for a large amount of people. If you choose to work with Cutting Edge Catering, you will have a wide variety of options to choose from. 

If you plan on having a relaxed get-together, a great option is to have a Build-Your-Own Sandwich Bar. This option allows for your guests to choose what type of bread they prefer, along with deciding between turkey, roast beef or ham, and other fixings. Another great option is to have a backyard BBQ, which includes grilled choice prime rib sandwiches with a choice of potato salad, pasta salad, or cheesy red skin potatoes. Coleslaw, fresh fruit, chips, and dessert are also served with this option.

If you are looking to hold a more formal celebration, you can choose from a pasta bar or a buffet style meal. Both of these options provide great variety for your guests and allows for them to choose what they want to eat. The formality of the party, along with the time of day, age of attendees, and personal preferences will be important factors to consider when making your final selection.

If you’re looking to host a birthday celebration, we’d be happy to kick off your planning process with you.

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