Why A Buffet-Style Barbeque Is Perfect for Any Outdoor Event

Posted by Chef Dan on July 21, 2015 at 8:00 AM

There’s something about being outside that makes an event better. The spacious environment, the fresh air, the beauty of the surroundings … it’s the perfect location. And when you say “outdoor event”, nothing fits the setting quite like food off the grill. There’s a sense of casuality with being outside and something about warm, sunny weather that calls for a delicious burger, picnic, or barbeque. And to keep the casual feeling going that these outdoor foods call for, make it buffet-style.

Why Buffet-Style?Buffet_Barbeque_Catering.jpg

Buffets allow people at your event to eat what they want when they want. If your event is on the more casual side, this option may be perfect for you. If there’s no specific timetable, allow people to mingle and settle down for a meal at their own time. A buffet keeps your food warm and will be ready for your guests at any and every moment.

Another great thing about buffets? Your guests can pick and choose what they want to eat. In a world where people have a variety of diets, you can let your guests eat what they please instead of restricting them to one plate of food.

What to Serve at Your Buffet-Style Event

Grilled Chicken and Burger Bar

Bars are the new, fun thing to have at events and gatherings. Whether it’s a candy bar, taco bar, or coffee bar, this setup gives your guests the freedom to create whatever their hearts desire. One outdoor menu idea for your event is a grilled chicken and burger bar. With this bar, you can have a number of sauces, condiments, and toppings available and your event goers can build a creation to satisfy their taste buds.

Picnic Buffet

With a picnic buffet, think of the items you would normally pack for a picnic: sandwiches, chips, potato salad, pasta salad, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and of course dessert of your liking. Sandwiches to include with this option can be either hot or cold. If you need some ideas, think: pulled pork or chicken with BBQ sauce, prime rib, hot or cold ham, hot or cold turkey breast, or salami. With sandwiches, the options are endless, and no matter what you choose, you know it’ll be delicious!

Why Hire a Caterer for Your Event?

There are a number of reasons to consider hiring a caterer for a buffet-style event. For starters, cooking all of the food for a buffet is a lot of work not to mention having adequate space for all of the food (you can only own so many crockpots). With a caterer, they take care of all the food along with providing the proper equipment to make sure all of the food stays tasty the entire event. And the clean up? A caterer has it covered. Let a caterer take care of the food, setup, clean up, and leftovers, and you can enjoy your event.

Whether you want your outdoor event to be a bar-style, buffet-style, or picnic-style, you have an endless amount of menu options that can fit your outdoor theme and will satisfy your guests. And if you want to take the hard work out of planning the event, leave the food up to a caterer.

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